Mission Statement


Mission Statement

We, the members of the Carver Police Department, commit ourselves to maintaining the highest quality of life for our town’s residents and visitors by delivering a problem solving style of policing that values the dignity of every individual, respects and understands diversity and continuously enhances public safety, while preserving the town’s small town character.


During the pursuit of our mission to deliver the best possible police service to the Town of Carver, we will:

  • Provide for the safety and security of all citizens;
  • Develop creative solutions to citizen and neighborhood concerns and police problems through community partnerships;
  • Establish and maintain a satisfying work environment that encourages the professional growth of our members;
  • Treat crime victims and witnesses with empathy, understanding and respect;
  • Perform our duties in a fair, diligent and unbiased manner within the United States Constitution and other tenants on which our country and this Commonwealth were founded;
  • Continuously seek excellence and be seen as role models, leaders and positive active participants within our community;
  • Demonstrate cost effectiveness with our fiscal responsibilities while considering the economic realities and our budgetary appropriations;
  • Share responsibilities for improving the quality of life with other municipal departments and every other partner within the community;
  • Operate an approachable, open police department with an objective that realizes accountability to our community partners.