Chief of Police James  Erville Vaughan


Carver Police Chief James Erville Vaughan lost his life in the pursuit of justice in September 1908. He was stabbed in the chest during a struggle with a wanted man and died three days later.

But his sacrifice, made many years ago, will never been forgotten by our Department.

Vaughan, along with Special Officer Arthur C. Atwood, went to John Montie’s home to arrest the suspect on a warrant for an assault by means of a dangerous weapon. Montie was wanted for assaulting bog foreman Arthur L. Atwood the day before, on Sept. 19, 1908.

A struggle ensued and Chief Vaughan was stabbed in the chest and Officer Atwood in the arm.
Atwood was able to get his hands on the chief’s revolver and shot Montie in the head, killing him. Vaughan and Atwood were then taken to the nearby Tremont Street home of Gustavus Long, where both were treated for their wounds.

Arthur Atwood recovered. Vaughan lived for three days, before passing on Sept. 23. He was buried in Central Cemetery, where his wife and daughter would later join him.



Chief Vaughan Memorial Dedication 9/23/2015 from left to right: Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri, Hanover Police Chief Walter Sweeney, Plymouth County D.A. Tim Cruz, Sheriff Joe McDonald, Hanson Police Chief Michael Miksch, Carver Police Chief Marc Duphily, Carver Sgt Dennis Rizzuto, Carver Sgt Joe Ritz, State Rep Susan Williams Gifford.


Chief of Police James Erville Vaughan Memorial Dedicated 9/23/2015


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