COVID-19 UPDATE 1/15/21

From your Board of Health:
Posting as Chair of the BOH with today’s updates….1-15-2020

Covid-19…There were 65 new cases in Carver over the last 7 day period from 1/8 – 1/14- Try to keep gatherings to those in your immediate household only. – Wear a mask when out in public, in a facility, or if you cannot socially distance 6’-Wash your hands Follow detailed guidance from the state AHN, our vendor provides notification on positive cases when they develop. Residents are advised to contact the Permitting Department at Town Hall and speak with our Agent relative to any questions or concerns.


New and renewal applicants are being processed by our firearms licensing division. New applicants should apply online at this time, renewal applicants will need to contact the station to have your name and phone number added to the call list for an appointment. If you receive a call for an appointment, you will be given a date and time to come in. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please contact the station and advise the dispatcher you are in the parking lot along with the make/model/color of your vehicle. Someone will come out to the parking lot to escort you in to the station. You will be asked to wear a mask in the station and temperatures will be taken.


Our Records Clerk will be working remotely. Records requests can be made online by visiting our Records page and completing the online form. Records can also be reached at (508-866-2000 extension 118) or via email (  Our Records Clerk will comply with such requests as soon as possible.

As we continue to move forward through the uncharted waters of this pandemic, please be reassured that your Police Department, along with all of the other Public Safety Departments will continue to be here to provide essential services to our residents.