Department Roster Email Ext.
Chief Marc Duphily 110
Admin Sergeant Sheri Sarmento 116
Sergeant  Michael O’Donnell 115
Sergeant Joseph Ritz 511
Sergeant Dennis Rizzuto 508
Court Prosecutor/Detective William Kelly 120
School Resource Officer Fred Melo  131
Officer Lawrence Page  510
Officer Derrick Ostiguy  509
Officer Glenn Gillan 516
Officer Bryan Berriault 517
Officer David Heikkila 500
Officer Michael Wall 501
Officer Josh Shaw 503
Officer Matthew Rayner  502
Officer Jeremy Farquharson  504
Dispatcher Jim Clancy 506
Dispatcher Michael Shaw 505
Dispatcher Peter Leopardi   
Dispatcher Sara Crawford   
Dispatcher Ashley Odell   
Dispatcher Tim Blanchard   
Dispatcher Matthew Barrington   
Administrative Assistant to the Chief, Melissa Sgroi 113
Records Clerk Michelle Sheehan 118
Animal Control Officer Kathy Seely   (508)-866-3445
Assistant Animal Control Officer Jen Machado